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by dr Zico Paradigma - Saturday, 12 July 2014, 09:34 AM
( Case Report )
Andi Hakim, K. Y. Yarsa*
*Division of oncology Surgery, Department of Surgery
Faculty of Medicine of Sebelas Maret University – Dr.Moewardi General Hospital Surakarta, Indonesia

As the population of people with cancer increases, so does the number of patients who being given chemotherapy. Majority of them are administered parental continuously. Implantable central venous catheter device is a good choice for those patients, although thrombosis and infection are the most occuring complication. Pinch-off syndrome is rarely occured, but it has the most severe complications. We reporting a severe case of pinch-off syndrome of a patient with history of post radical mastectomy due to breast cancer with routine chemoterapy using implantable central venous device, which could not take the fifth chemotherapy because of occluded device that appeared on chest x-ray evaluation, with distal chemoport catheter is inside of the pulmonal artery, base of catheter is outside of the vein and chemoport is still in its place. Consultation to the Cardiology and Cardiothoracic Surgery Department has been made, with the plan of transvein snaring as the result of discussion. The transected fragment of the catheter that entering pulmonary artery was successfully removed by using a loop snare placed through the right femoral vein. In conclusion, POS is a very rare case and Longterm patient with utilization of CVC need a careful concern by all of the medical team.

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